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Montana w Shropshire sheep in winter

The sheep are not this tall, and I am not this short…I’m kneeling with the fluffy flock last winter, with Australian Cattle Dog Pi at right. So…had a discouraging phone meeting today with my MP…he had a ‘very brief’ conversation with Agriculture Canada Minister Gerry Ritz last week. Clearly, our Minister of Agriculture is not […]

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#1 on CFIA’s Hit List—Avril


Meet the Flockers on Death Row This is Wholearth Avril 8N, one of our pregnant flock ewes who is on the hit list to be killed by CFIA. She will be 8 years old this spring, when she is due to have lambs…maybe even triplets like last year! If CFIA lets her live, she could […]

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Miller’s 1,340 signatures

Miller is 9 years old in this photo taken June 2005. He sired lambs every year until 2010, when he was euthanized on his 14th birthday. He was in good spirits, had a fulll set of teeth, but had developed arthritis in his front legs and could no longer get up. / Montana Jones photo

(Update March 14, 2015:  Over 11,000 now!) We’ve reached 1,340 signatures in just three days since launching the site, the petiton, and the campaign to stop CFIA and Agriculture Canada from destroying our healthy flock of Shropshire sheep. We will keep going…pass on the link to sign the petition. Meet Miller…he is the essence behind […]

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