The sheep are not this tall, and I am not this short…I’m kneeling with the fluffy flock last winter, with Australian Cattle Dog Pi at right.

So…had a discouraging phone meeting today with my MP…he had a ‘very brief’ conversation with Agriculture Canada Minister Gerry Ritz last week. Clearly, our Minister of Agriculture is not fully informed nor even slightly knowledgeable on sheep nor scrapie nor genetics. This Goliath doesn’t even communicate in the same language…shouldn’t he know a little something about an agricultural matter his government has just spent 4.5 million dollars to ‘look into’?   He’ll have to be educated before he can even enter into any discussion on the matter <sigh>, and time is running out.

If you haven’t yet, please sign and pass on the petition link. We’re almost at 2,000 names!

Montana Jones
Montana is a watcher of whales, saver of turtles, wayfarer and shepherd. She is a writer, photographer, art farmist and was formerly a magazine art director, media coordinator, journalist and past winner of the Sutton Agricultural Fair Spelling Bee. She tends an oversized garden, eats real food and raises Shropshire sheep and other heritage livestock on Wholearth Farmstudio in Northumberland County, Ontario Canada. She received a CBC Literary Award, Ontario Arts Council Writer’s Reserve Grant, and has appeared in EnRoute, Mind’s Eye, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Canadian Women Studies Literary Journal, Watershed Magazine and Edible Toronto.