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Will CFIA endanger our future health by destroying a whole genotype?

Jackson Lily 5L at 5yrs

“Sheep believed to be resistant to scrapie are succumbing to atypical infections and a newly identified strain of the disease. Eradication programmes based on selective breeding should be reappraised.” From the experts in prion research…

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Shepherd obtains false government document

False government document claiming scrapie 20 days before samples were even sent in...2 days before tests were done...results of all 14 samples were NEGATIVE for scrapie.

PRESS RELEASE May 1st, 2012—Hastings, Ontario/The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) released a statement Friday claiming that a single sheep belonging to a quarantined Ontario farm has tested positive for scrapie. The sheep’s owner suspects the finding was pre-ordained. For over two years shepherd Montana Jones has maintained that the CFIA has not provided evidence […]

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