Lamb kissTwo days into the discovery…the preliminary hearing for a pending criminal trial between the CFIA government wolves and four good people—a shepherd, a farmer, a good man and a good woman—over a rare heritage flock that the political pack killed to see if they were healthy.

It’s grey inside these courtroom walls, and outside, a biting -30 Celsius wind trying to blow the door down just as hard as the huffing agents and puffing crown.

It may be grey dense air in close proximity to the suits, but there’s a lighter brighter energy growing already midst the freedom fighting defense team of Shawn Buckley, the Canadian Constitution Foundation, and alleged sheep nappers Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones.

Something’s up…hearings are typically draining and stressful. Why are they so cheery?

What do they know?

An auspicious time as we move toward finding out.  It’s going to be a good year.

Happy Lunar Year of the Sheep!

~ Montana

(The Sheep Napping prelim runs from Febrary 17 to March 2, 2015, with a third week in April, and bounces between Cobourg, Lindsay and Peterborough courthouses. You are welcome to come, but the real storybook will unfold at the actual trial.)

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