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Registered Heritage Shropshire Sheep breeders

Below are Canadian Heritage Shropshire Breeders with Heritage Bloodlines who stock represents true, traditional breed character.  Flocks consisting largely of modern and/or American-based pedigrees are not listed here. Some critics of  today’s modern American Shropshires suspect that they  have been crossbred with other breeds, and as such the resulting stock do not in any way resemble classic heritage Shropshires. The modern American Shropshire is not at-risk nor endangered.

** Rewarding news!—The Rare Breeds Survival Trust just announced that the Shropshire, Britain’s oldest pedigreed sheep, has been brought back from the brink of extinction in the United Kingdom, though it is still considered endangered in countries such as Canada. If Canadian breeders work towards conservation we can acheive the same status one day.


Farm/Owner (Tattoo Flock Letters) CLRC Member Number/Province

Hi-Lea Farm (CGA) 5265256 Ontario

Tracker’s Drift (TRD) 5374893 ON

Wholearth (WHE) 5278182 Ontario

Edith Caviezel (EDC) 5329647 Ontario

Elizabeth Jennings (EPJ) 5310250 Ontario

Francis & Susan Major (THD) 5309322 Ontario

Muriel Burnett (RBU) 5084939 Ontario

Danika Zinger 5382715 BC

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