CFIA vs healthy lamb

Farmed and Dangerous??

Apparently I am farmed and dangerous… But I am not a criminal. I’m a shepherd, farmer and writer who has been preserving rare Shropshire sheep for the last 12 years, and farming various other heritage breeds and vegetables for the last 30. Then the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) killed my beautiful ewes and their […]

Wholearth Ginger on autumn hilltop

Karen Selick’s unpublished letter to the editor of the Owen Sound Sun Times

“the CFIA has no-one to blame for this debacle but itself.”

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Join Us for LifeStock: A Call to Farms

Montana Jones/Michael-Schmidt biodiversity wake-up call

Join us Sunday September 30th for a day of food, music, words… Raw milk is illegal and government policy threatens the genetic biodiversity of our produce and livestock. Small farms are targets…but we are ALL losing the right to choose what we eat and how we live. It’s your Life. It’s your LifeStock. This is A Call to Farms…and a call […]

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Farms Raided with Search Warrants, Charges Pending


Raw milk activist farmer Michael Schmidt and I and a few other farms were raided August 2nd, 2012. Electronic devices and personal items were seized and charges of Obstruction and Conspiracy are pending. Government and O.P.P. invaded my home  at 7:04 a.m and continued their intimidation for 13 hours. Not  sure how seizing a decades old Macintosh […]

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Wake Up Call

Montana Jones/Michael-Schmidt biodiversity wake-up call

Please Join our Wake Up call! Canada is closer and closer to losing it’s Agricultural Biodiversity—SIGN THE PETITION to insist Canadian Food Inspection Agency stops killing rare heritage livestock breeds and implements a new exemption for all of Canada’s heritage horses, pigs, cattle, goats, poultry and waterfowl to prevent CFIA from destroying any more healthy […]

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CFIA finds and kills rare heritage flock—ALL NEGATIVE for scrapie

CFIA test results are back… ALL NEGATIVE for scrapie, as I knew they would be. Killed for nothing, all those genetics gone. I do not believe for a moment that the CFIA alleged 15S ewe was a true positive. She died here of toxemia, zero symptoms, in excellent body condition, assessed by CFIA vet Douglas […]

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