The Breed

Shropshire Sheep Qualities

RAMS are renowned terminal sires, robust with good conformation, hardy and long lived
EWES make excellent mothers, have abundant milk, rearing twins and triplets with ease and producing lambs for many years, often to the age of 10 or more. Docile, with a sound constitution, they are extremely hardy, enabling efficient flock management involving minimal time and effort.
PROLIFICACY Achieving consistent 160% lambing, often 200%
LAMBS at birth (4.5-6 kg) are strong, active, energetic. Most finish readily on grass in 12-16 weeks, at a carcass weight of 16-21kg with high percentage of lean meat.
DISEASE RESISTANCE A common feature of heritage breeds, reduces veterinary costs.
WOOL PRODUCER One of the heaviest producers among the medium wool breeds