Standard of Perfection

1929 Heritage Shropshire sheep

The Breed Standard of Perfection includes…

General Appearance:

Alert, attractive, indicating breeding and quality, with stylish carriage and a symmetrical form, showing the true characteristics of the Shropshire, covered with fine, dense wool. Active with a free action.

Shoulders: Blending smoothly into the ribs. A full heart girth, strong and straight back with adequate body capacity.

Constitution: Robust as indicated by width and depth of chest, strength and formation of neck, and by bold active movement.

Size: Medium sized; in breeding condition when fully matured, rams should weigh 180 to 240 lbs, and ewes should be 140 to 200 lbs.

Fleece and Skin: Fleece of good length, dense, elastic to touch, medium fine, free from black fibre, well crimped, with evenness of texture throughout; scrotum of rams well covered with wool. The skin of a light cherry colour, clear and free from dark spots.

Body: Well fleshed, long, deep and symmetrical. Well proportioned, with shoulders strong, smooth and blending well into body, well placed, fitting smoothly upon chest, which should be deep and wide; forearm well muscled; long, broad, straight level back; well sprung ribs; thick, wide and long loins well covered with firm flesh; hips wide and smooth. Rump long, hind quarters well developed, long and wide with dock well set on and twist deep and full, legs of mutton full, deep and well-muscled.

Head and Neck: Head, short, broad between the ears and eyes, bold and masculine in rams, without horns; straight or slightly dished face, broad muzzle, masculine on rams, feminine on ewes; white dense wool well covering the whole poll and cheeks and jaw; eyes bright and alert; colour of face and ears dark brown, grey nose hairs permissible.

Neck: short, strong and muscular (especially in rams), symmetrically blending head and shoulders in graceful outlines..

Ears: Short, alert and well set, not upright but perpendicular to head, moderate thickness, colour same as face and legs, cinnamon to dark brown or soft black. Rounded tips, wool covering outside ear.

Legs and Feet: Legs strong, short, straight, well wooled and well set apart; colour of hair on legs dark chocolate brown, and colour of wool on legs white; feet sound, short in the hoof, and set squarely under the sheep.

Objections: Animals otherwise good, undersized, oversized; long legs; long neck; narrow bodies; dark fibre in wool, dark skins, white specks on ears, face and legs; horns or horn stubs on rams; lack of wool covering on cap or underneath body, face and legs; skin folds in neck area; long, large or drooping ears, thick skinned or coarse; coarse or Roman nose; jet-black face and leg colour; black armpit; lack of wool below hocks and knees.




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